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May 21, 2015

Wedding photo shoot at the same time it Samui- portrait, reportage and genre photography. Wedding photographer needs to show emotions and feelings of the newlyweds, the key lock and interesting moments of the wedding feast and make beautiful portraits. As they say: "If the photographer is able to shoot the wedding, he can shoot it!". For photographing a wedding is very important to correctly staged photography. However, wedding photography can be built only on the reportage, where the photographer does not interfere with the development of events, and removes all the "as is". But the statement - it does not mean frozen face and monotonous posture - wedding staged photography can and should be a lively and emotional, filled with vividly. For the photographer at the wedding opens a lot of opportunities in the implementation of his ideas, but this is only possible with the support and interest in the newlyweds themselves - otherwise, no matter how experienced was not a photographer, he has not received the necessary rezultata.Odna of the main tasks of the photographer when shooting a wedding: is to show the natural, sincere emotions. Affectedness destroys the image, leaving only the formal pose no internal content - photo obtained artificial, "empty".

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