Photographer on Koh Samui

My name is Alex. I am a wedding photographer in Koh Samui, Phangan, Thailand.

I put my heart, my feelings and passion into photographing, conveying emotions, telling love stories.

I would hear your emotional laugh, cry and say: “Wow! When you see your wedding photos.

This is my job that makes me happy!

I already have 8 years of experience as a photographer in Thailand.

Why am I being chosen as a photographer?

I have a lot of experience as a photographer in Thailand. I know all the beautiful places for a photo shoot on Koh Samui and I know the time when it is better to have a photo shoot.
I do a professional retouch on which I can fix such flaws as a red tan, make a beautiful figure.
You are guaranteed to receive all photos in original resolution without loss of quality. If you do not know how to pose, I myself will beautifully put you on and take a picture. I can take beautiful photos in any weather!

When you order my photo shoot on Samui, you can get more than just a photo,

You have a good time and enjoy the beautiful places on Koh Samui.

If you want to ask any questions or reserve a date for the photo shoot, go to the contacts section on this my website.

Check out my portfolio and choose the style of the photo shoot for yourself. Each wedding is a new beautiful task, before which I always set myself the goal of making my personal record.

No photo shoot should be the same as the previous one!

Samui wedding photo session is a great opportunity to make beautiful photos that will stay with you for life. Samui island is very different and has many locations that are suitable for each couple and the photographer on Samui will help to do this. You do not need to worry that you do not know how to pose, I myself will beautifully set you and take a photo. In each wedding I do professional retouching as you can see here

Family and children's photography in Thailand on Samui are beautiful photos of your family. The beautiful beaches of Samui is a place where you can spend time and get photos. If you want a photo session of your family or a holiday event, write to me and I will keep for a long time your important day as a beautiful story.

If you came to Samui in a wedding celebration and your wedding was at your place, you can save this gentle time in the form of beautiful photographs. I know all the great beaches and other beautiful places and will show them to you. My favorite direction is the couple’s photo session. You are guaranteed to get emotional and beautiful photos.

Photo shot of real estate in Thailand on Koh Samui and Phangan. If you need to convey the beauty of your apartment or villa, write to me and I will do it.

Koh Samui photography

Koh Samui is the perfect place to leave wonderful moments in your memory. I know all the beautiful places for photography and I know a good time to visit them to make the best shots. Koh Samui is one of the best resorts in Thailand and is located in a safe and secure place in the Gulf of Thailand. Samui is located in the equatorial zone and has two seasons, dry and wet, and each season is comfortable for relaxation and photography. If you are planning a honeymoon trip to Koh Samui I will help you organize a wedding on Koh Samui since I work with the best organizers on Koh Samui who will give good prices. An example of a wedding on Samui Beach can be found here.

What is photo retouching

Retouching can be used to eliminate various image defects, for example, unwanted objects in photographs or redness of the skin and other defects can easily be changed, and I can do it) Modern digital retouching is performed in photo editing software using many tools, such as blurry brushes, tools color replacements and clone stamps. You can not worry about your vacation photos. All your photos 2 years backup

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